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Technical tips

Don't be left bare without ATV Trail Engine Oil Rust Defense System

Utility ATVs go through extreme use in extreme climates and environments. Here in the Mid-West ATVs are used to plow snow, go hunting and ice fishing aside from the weekend outing on the trails and in the mud. These abusive environments are tough on engines. Rust and corrosion can lead to premature failure as a result of condensation and contaminants attacking bare metal engine components. For example, an ATV that is used to plow snow or go ice fishing puts the engine through extreme heating and cooling cycles that create a great amount of condensation inside the engine. Wrist pins, cams and cylinder walls suffer a great deal of rust pitting when there is no protection from moisture on these metal parts. Unlike conventional oil which will run off these parts, Bel-Ray ATV Trail Mineral 4T Engine Oil adheres to and protects these critical engine components.

Bel-Ray ATV Trail Mineral 4T Engine Oil is a premium multi-grade 4-stroke motor oil available in 10W-30 and 10W-40 viscosities to perform well at varying temperatures. Bel-Ray ATV Trail Oil is specifically engineered with Bel-Ray’s Rust Defense System (RDS) to protect engines from moisture contamination caused by internal engine condensation. RDS is a marine anti-corrosion package that has very polar additives that attach themselves to the metal surfaces blocking water from ever making contact with the internal surface of the engine. This oil provides exceptional rust protection, film strength, shear stability and temperature stability for the demands of recreational, utility and side-by-side ATVs that see high engine temperatures, severe loads and overall rugged use.

Don’t be left bare…

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